What statistics on traveling and death rates show?

Our Mother Nature has gifted us with so many lovely sites and destination to explore that we often get tempted and pack our bags to explore them. But how many of us are really careful when we go around exploring places like this. I am sure not many of us really think about our life when we are out for an adventure of something like this especially more on the road traveling. Cars can be a good idea to cover the wide distances. It can also be the best way to enjoy with your loved ones but there are some norms of diving safely on the highway and tricky roads which unfortunately not every one of us really follows.

The reason behind the death: Road accidents:

Research proves that road journeys traveling and road accidents walk hand in hand. It could be because of drinking and driving, because of rash driving or because of not having a proper sleep. The reason could be anything but the risk to life because of this can often result in death. Experienced blood cleanup crew who had been cleaning up the bodies of the people who had been the victim of road accidents comment that it was never so easy to pick up the bodies. It was not only the adults but even the kids who became a victim of such viscous thing. Ideally, one careless mistake can cost too many which of course can never be so easy to repay off.

What the research has to say

The research states that as compared to the statistical data on the death rate made on the airplane accidents over rest other transportation, needless to say, that stats for deaths on planes is high. Although such accidents don’t happen so frequently like road accidents ,but if there is a minor technological error or the pilot mistake, then it can cost to the life of more than 300 people sitting in that place. However, even the road traffic accidents are not something you can take so lightly. Rather, it is one of the reasons that cause death by industry. Out of 50 million people if you want to know the number of road accidents it can go around 1.2 million yearly, which is certainly not a joke.

Even after the numbers show how bad the rate is, there are still many people believing that road travel is safe. When asked about why traveling is still safe in terms of the road over other transportation then the answers were quite unthinkable. For some, it was like an airplane is not something a passenger is aware of flying but a car is.  Besides, such type of accident at times is preventable and also predictable over the air accidents. This means even if the driver loses his control a passenger if known how to drive can take up. However, this is one such example that rarely might be taking place.

Travelling is always fun provided you follow all the rules and regulations in a right manner. Statics show that 40% of the road accidents occur due to fatal crashes while 80% of the accidents so far tool place because of either drunk driving or the speeding crash.  

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